Cactus Pear Yellow/ Tuna amarilla

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Yellow Cactus pears are small to medium in size, averaging 5-10 centimeters in length, and are oblong in shape similar to a kiwi or small avocado. The fruits form from yellow, pink, red, or purple flowers that grow on nopales or cactus pads, and the thick skin of the fruit is golden yellow and may have some patches of pink and light orange blush. Yellow Cactus pears are also covered in rough bumps and spines known as glochids. These sharp spines are tiny, hair-like, and difficult to see and are found in the areoles or brown spots on the skin. Inside the fruit, the yellow-orange flesh is moist and watery with many hard, edible brown-black seeds. The seeds are too tough to chew fully and can be swallowed whole or discarded completely. When ripe, Yellow Cactus pears are juicy and aromatic offering a mildly sweet flavor reminiscent of citrus, banana, melon, and fig.