Cilantro/ Rau ngo

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Cilantro is comprised of small leaves attached to long and slender green stems. The leaves vary in size, with the base leaves being larger, while the leaves at the top of the stems are smaller and more delicate. The dark green leaves are generally broad, flat, and deeply lobed with feathery, serrated edges and a smooth and crisp consistency. In addition to the leaves, the pale green stems are edible and provide a crunchy, succulent texture. Cilantro has a sweet, vegetal, and pungent aroma and an earthy, herbaceous, and bright, grassy taste. The leaves often contain peppery, tangy, and citrus-like nuances, and to some palates, Cilantro bears an acrid and unpleasant soapy taste. Cilantro plants also produce edible light brown seeds, white flowers, and roots that are utilized in various culinary preparations.