Cabbage Flat/ Taiwanese cabbage

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Taiwanese cabbage, also called flat cabbage or Taiwan cabbage, is a variety of Chinese cabbage commonly used in Taiwanese, Japanese, and Korean cuisine. it’s called 高麗菜 (Gāolí cài) in Taiwan. It has broad, pale green leaves with white ribs and a mild flavor.

Unlike tighter-headed green cabbages, Taiwanese cabbage leaves are loose and open. It has a soft, tender texture and contains vitamins C and K, calcium, and fiber.

Taiwanese cabbage can be used in a variety of dishes. It can be eaten raw in salads, cooked briefly in stir-fries, add to Jiaozi dumplings, or added to soups and stews to retain its signature crunchiness and sweet flavor. You can find them in local Chinese, Korean, or Japanese grocery stores.