Dragon Fruit Red

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Red Dragon fruits are small to medium-sized varietals, averaging 4 to 9 centimeters in diameter, and have an oval to oblong shape. The fruit’s skin ranges in color from bright pink, fuchsia, to red-brown, and is semi-smooth and waxy, covered in fleshy, overlapping scales that showcase green tips. The curvy scales have a triangular shape, and Red Dragon fruit varieties typically have narrower scales. The thin skin can be easily peeled once sliced, revealing a dark red to crimson flesh containing many tiny, black, edible seeds. The flesh has a dense, semi-firm, and tender, aqueous consistency, contrasted with the crunchy, chewy seeds, creating a texture similar to kiwi fruit. Red Dragon fruit has little to no aroma and should appear taut, shiny, and brightly colored when ripe. The flesh has a delicate, sweet, earthy, and mildly acidic flavor combined with a faint nuttiness from the seeds.