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Epazote is a flowering herb comprised of hollow green stems with large lanceolate leaves, averaging 10 to 12 centimeters in length. The leaves are bright green, flat, pliable, and elongated with prominent veining and jagged, serrated edges, tapering to a point on the non-stem end. Younger leaves will have a crisp, tender, and milder flavor, while more mature leaves will become tougher with a stronger taste. The plant will also seasonally develop small yellow-green flowers along its stem. Epazote is known for its pungent fragrance, often being compared to the smell of earthy, wet asphalt, petroleum with a hint of citrus, or bearing a medicinal aroma with herbal notes mixed with turpentine. The herb’s flavor is also distinct, generally being considered an acquired taste. Epazote contains a complex blend of musky, earthy, and herbal flavors combined with mint, citrus, anise, oregano, thyme, and pine nuances.