Longan Florida variety

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Longan fruits are small in size, averaging 1 to 3 centimeters in diameter, and have a round to ovoid shape. The fruits are enveloped in a thin, brittle, and bark-like shell, covered in small bumps, giving the surface a pebbled, rough, and textured feel. The peel also ranges in variegated light brown, green, and yellow hues and is easily removed, revealing a translucent, white-grey flesh. The flesh is semi-firm, succulent, and aqueous, encasing a large, black, and shiny hard seed. The seed is inedible, and the flesh does not cling to the seed. Longan fruits have a faint aroma and emit a sweet, subtly tart, floral, and musky flavor, sometimes releasing gardenia and spruce nuances, depending on the variety.