Malanga Islena

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Malanga Isleña corms widely vary in appearance, depending on cultivation time, soil, and climate, and range from small to large, growing in a round to oblong shape. Each plant generally produces one central corm, and the corm’s variegated dark to light brown skin is rough with an uneven, scaly texture comprised of faint horizontal rings and fiber-like hairs. Underneath the surface, the flesh is dense, dry, and starchy, primarily white with subtle brown speckling. Malanga Isleña corms must be cooked and develop a smooth, thick, and semi-fluffy consistency. The flesh has a mild, earthy, sweet, and nutty flavor with musky nuances that some liken to the taste of black walnut. In addition to the corms, the young leaves are edible when cooked, providing a vegetal, grassy, and green flavor.