Mamey Sapote

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Mamey have an unusual appearance for a tropical fruit. The round or nearly round fruit can grow to the size of a small cantaloupe, measuring anywhere from 10 to 20 centimeters in diameter. The light brownish-gray skin has a texture and firmness similar to a mango. Peeling away the thick skin reveals an astringent, whitish pith (called a “rag”), that is typically discarded. The aromatic flesh is a golden yellow or orange color with a smooth consistency. It can either be firm and crisp or more tender and juicy depending on level of ripeness. The taste of a Mamey is somewhat like passionfruit and apricot with a hint of berry flavor and a little tang. Within the center of the fruit lies a seed much like a peach pit; smaller fruits will have one seed and larger fruits may have up to four. The portion of the flesh nearest to the seeds may be slightly bitter.