Orange Pomelo

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Pomelos Orange are large fruits, averaging 15 to 30 centimeters in diameter, and have a round, oval, to tear-drop shape. The rind, also known as the peel, ranges in color from green, yellow-green, to bright yellow and bears many small, fragrant oil glands, creating a textured, finely pitted surface. Underneath the rind, there is a thick white pith with a spongy, cotton-like consistency that has a very bitter, unpalatable flavor and should be removed before consumption. The pith is easily peeled, revealing 11 to 18 segments of soft, tender flesh encased in membranes, which also carry a bitter flavor and should be discarded. Once peeled, the flesh is comprised of translucent sacs filled with juice and pulp, varying in pink, red, to yellow hues. Some varieties contain a few seeds, while other cultivars may contain significant amounts. Pomelos will vary in texture and flavor, depending on the variety, ranging from sweet, honeyed, and floral with tangy notes to sweet-tart with some acidity. When selecting a ripe Pomelo, the fruit should feel heavy, have plump skin, and bear a light, floral, and sweet, lemon-like scent.