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Mamoncillo fruits are small to medium in size, averaging 3 to 4 centimeters in diameter, and have a round to oval shape with a small protrusion on one end. The skin is thin, semi-smooth, tough, and pebbled with oil glands, having a firm, leathery, and brittle feel when peeled. The skin also showcases a dark to lime green coloring, sometimes covered in brown patches. Underneath the surface, the flesh, also known as the pulp, ranges in color from pale yellow, salmon, to sherbet orange and can be thick to thin, depending on the variety. The flesh has a gelatinous, aqueous nature and a somewhat fibrous, chewy consistency similar to lychee, clinging tightly to the large central seed. Each fruit typically encases one ivory to white seed, but some fruits may have two. The round to oval seeds are starchy and astringent, but when cooked, they develop a mild, nutty flavor. Mamoncillo fruits are often sold attached to their branches. Look for branches that are still flexible and appear fresh. Older, drier, and brittle branches indicate that the fruits may be close to expiring. Mamoncillo fruits should be served ripe and have a tangy, acidic, and sweet vinous taste reminiscent of a cross between a lime and lychee.