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White sapotes are small fruits, averaging 5 to 10 centimeters in diameter, and have an oval, round to ovoid shape. The fruit’s surface ripens from green to green-yellow and has a textured, bumpy, and waxy feel, sometimes coated in a faint bloom. When ripe, the fruit will have a slight give, and the skin is thin, bruising easily. Underneath the surface, the flesh ranges in color from white, ivory to yellow and has a creamy, smooth, and dense, custard-like consistency reminiscent of an avocado's texture. There are also 1 to 5 white, inedible seeds within the flesh that can be small to large depending on the variety. White sapotes have a mild, sweet, and tropical flavor with vanilla, banana, pear, and caramel nuances. The fruits may also contain a subtle tartness or bitterness due to the degree of ripeness, variety, and cultivation techniques.